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The region

Enjoy Les Violettes*** Campsite in Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée near Toulouse and benefit from a perfect departure spot for your cultural outings.

A Nature & Exploration Stopover:


Tolosa” in Occitan, nicknamed the “Pink City”, is a city where it’s nice to wander, cultivate oneself and move about, according to your desires.

You can enjoy the fresh air on the terrace of a café around the Capitole, take advantage of the sun on the banks of the Garonne at the prairie des filtres or the docks of the Daurade and maybe even do some shopping on Saint-Rome street.

You can also visit the many museums, churches and cathedrals, from Saint-Sernin to the Cité de l’Espace. Toulouse bears witness to a rich history which is still being written.

But one should not forget the Mediterranean influences which blow through the city – here celebrating is a must and there are lots of places to enjoy oneself – even epicureans can find their niche.

Don’t miss: Saint-Sernin Basilica, Toulouse Museum, Jacobins Convent, Augustins Museum, the Capitole with its square, and private mansions – witnesses to the golden age of pastels


Listed since 1996 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this canal, which was constructed by Pierre Paul Riquet offers a multitude of diverse activities.

If you are a fan of bike rides, the bike trail can take you from Toulouse to Port-Lauragais, where you can take a barge to go to “seuil de Naurouze”, where the canal is the highest. Why not go further to the Saint-Ferréol lake which serves as the reservoir of the canal and discover the many activities there?

If you enjoy fishing you will find everything to satisfy your passion.


The Coteaux du Lauragais offers many possibilities for rambling, be it by mountain-biking, on horse, or even by foot, you can admire the various landscapes at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains.

In the land of the Autan wind, many artificial lakes, including the Ganguise lake or Saint Sernin lake, among others, can be enjoyed by windsurfing fans.

From cassoulet to the odour of violets, from foie gras to pastels, the region is overflowing with local specialities to be discovered or rediscovered, skills and expertise to be appreciated and many other curiosities.

Moving a bit further towards the Mediterranean, lovers of medieval ambiances will surely not miss the occasion to visit the City of Carcassonne. Don’t forget that we are in the land of Cathars where one can discover the vestiges from Albi to Foix.